Strength in Numbers: WomenEd blogging on #IWD16

15 Mar


I recently had the good fortune to participate in a global conversation about women in education through the grassroots group WomenEd. Their work caught my eye through Twitter and I reached out to them, interested to see what their presence is here in the US or Canada. I was later asked to participate in the blogging event, to which I was honored to contribute.

For my entire professional life, I have worked among mostly women, be it in philanthropy or education, as well as in many of my volunteering activities, where I find myself surrounded by interesting and driven women as well. And whether I was in the break room at the United Way office, the staff room at St. John’s school, or around the table of the MOMS Club meeting, I have found that women progress and learn through their conversations.

The quiet strength of the #iwd16 event sponsored by @WomenEd came from the variety of voices and perspectives the contributing women offered. What if schools held such events on their own, where their staff and faculty members shared quick and pithy blog posts about their professional lives? Perhaps it would be risky, providing a space for critiques and complaints, but it also could be productive and beneficial; a metaphorical breaking down of the classroom silos. Perhaps this could be a goal for #iwd17.

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